Affordable transport and business aircraft records audits

Our Aircraft Records Audits are used for the purpose of obtaining the current status of the subject aircraft and records. We physically inspect the aircraft & records to develop a comprehensive listing of outstanding Airworthiness Directives, Hard Life Limited components, maintenance intervals and other time life critical items on the airframe and engines. Our findings will also include our observations and listings of outstanding maintenance items. This is accomplished by an exhaustive review of documentation and may include back to birth searches and verifications.

We offer flat rate and daily rate options for the services listed below. If these common service descriptions do not meet your requirements, please contact us to receive a no obligation proposal for your specific project.

IA 1 LOI Pre-Purchase Inspection and Aircraft Records Accountability Audit
A physical inspection and documentation audit that verifies the existence, format, condition and revision status of the over 100 reports, manuals and certificates which are normally required to be present as a permanent history of transport category aircraft. A comprehensive physical inspection is also performed. The depth of this type of audit and the time allowed for the inspection may be limited by the terms of the LOI agreement.

IA 2 Lease Mid-Term Inspection (Annual Inspections)
Physical inspection and documentation review of in service leased aircraft
Develop current status reports and related summaries
Verify Lessee's compliance with maintenance program
Verify Lessee's compliance with terms of lease agreement
Photography of Aircraft
Verify modifications and operations comply with the terms of the lease agreement

IA 3 Formal PrePurchase Inspection and Full Records Audit
Includes all services of our IA LEVEL 1 inspections, plus full Back to Birth trace and Dirty Fingerprint Accountability of:
Airworthiness Directives
Controlled & Life Limited Components
Engineering Orders
Maintenance Program
Service Bulletins
Structural Repair File
Serialized inventory of installed avionics equipment and major aircraft systems
Photography of aircraft
Physical inspection of aircraft surfaces and interior

IA 4 Aircraft Redelivery for Lessor or Seller
Includes all services of our LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 3 audits plus the following:
Current Status Reports & Disc Sheets for Aircraft, APU, Engines and Landing Gear
Documents are packaged and prepared for delivery
Aircraft & Records are prepared for DAR conformity and Export C of A inspection
Full damage mapping

IA 5 Maintenance Program Bridging
Bridge maintenance program to latest MRB revision
Bridge from Operators inspection program back to latest MRB
Bridge from High to Low Utilization

IA 6 Maintenance Planning Documentation Audits
We perform a comprehensive line item review of the aircraft manufacturers MRB compared to the airlines Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP) and Maintenance Planning Documents (MPD). This audit will discover individual task that may have been omitted or that have incorrect interval or revision data.
Audit operators time control manuals
Audit operators maintenance tracking software

IA 7 Maintenance Workscope Authoring
Author heavy check work scope packages

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