Airline Representative to Lessors and Sellers

Collateral Verifications provides technical and advisory assistance services where we serve as a liason between the airline and the lessor.

The Quality Control or Fleet Management departments for most small airlines do not have active experience with meeting the ever changing demands of major Lessors. We do!

When an operator accepts the lease of a commercial or business class aircraft, any errors, mistakes or omissions that are not discovered and resolved before the closing date and all future Continuing Airworthiness Management become the lessees responsibility.

Aside from the prevention of significant maintenance cost shortly after lease commencement, it is the Lessees responsibility to add the aircraft to their operators certificate and successfully complete the import and re registration of the aircraft.

In our experience in performing technical inspection services returning off lease aircraft on behalf of major lessors we regularly see Lessors hold Lessees acountable for aircraft records that the Lessor never provided at the beginning of the lease!

It is the Lessees responsibility to verify all items at acceptance as Lessors commonly will require financial adjustments at return for deficiencies even when these items were not initially supplied.

The core business of Collateral Verifications is in providing unbiased appraisal, audit, advisory and inspection services. As certified aircraft appraisers, we have written the book on aircraft values and our role as industry advisers has allowed our company to establish many unique relationships at the highest levels of the aviation industry.

When engaged for airline assistance and lessor liason projects, the full valuation and technical knowledge base of CV is brought to task.

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We have aircraft technical inspectors and auditors located worldwide

North America
Atlanta, Georgia
Boston, Massachusetts
Dallas, Texas
Orlando, Florida
Phoenix, Arizona
Los Angeles, California
Seattle, Washington

South America
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Bogota, Colombia

Bangkok, Thailand
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hong Kong
Perth, Australia

London, UK

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