Certified Aircraft Appraisal with Full Records Audit
"Comprehensive Appraisal"

Our Full Certified Aircraft Appraisals with Records Audits are used for the purpose of obtaining an unbiased third party opinion of the subject aircrafts Fair Market & Liquidation Value, based on a physical inspection of the aircraft & records.

The report averages 30 to 80 pages and will include photocopies of important documents, photographs, legal status, as well as inventory of avionics and other systems. All Transport Category Certified Aircraft Appraisals are performed by our in house ISTAT Certified Aircraft Appraiser.


A comprehensive appraisal is one that includes a detailed inspection of the aircraft and records. Sufficient detail is required, for example, to insure that the records are in sufficiently good order to allow for the re-registration of the aircraft in a different country. Compliance with applicable Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and other critical time life limiting data is attested to by a detailed back to birth review of all logs, records and other data.*

The appraisal includes the following:
2. Service includes: Printed report, images & large files on compact disk, shipping cost, necessary conference calls, emails, letters as required to see project through to completion

*CV Comprehensive Appraisals can be performed in conjunction with the following Inspection levels:

Inspection Level 2
Inspection Level 3

Applicable for the following asset classes:

Commercial Aircraft, Rotorcraft & Parts
Business Aircraft, Rotorcraft & Parts
Military Aircraft, Rotorcraft & Parts
Turbine Engines - Military & Commercial

If these services do not meet your requirements, please review our other appraisal & inspection services using the links above or give us a call.

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305.908.8695 INTERNATIONAL

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