C Check Management - MRO Technical Representation

Collateral Verifications provides on site, MRO maintenance oversight and other technical representative services to Airlines, Operators and Lessors worldwide. We have managed C checks in China, Costa Rica, Mexico and the USA. More than simple site representation, we closely monitor work hours and parts cost. We provide detailed audits of the MRO's interim and final invoice. We typically discover 35% to 40% in overcharges and fraudulent billings. These include man hour calculation errors, contract violations, double billings and charging for work that was never performed. Materials cost discrepancies, billing shipping & freight for customer provided parts, charging for materials that are not allowed on the aircraft per the IPC and dozens of other issues are also routinely discovered and reported.

The Heavy Maintenance Visit, or HMV, is usually a scheduled maintenance event such as a C or D level inspection. The routine maintenance task accomplished during the visit, are pre planned as per the operator's Maintenance Program or the Bill of Work for the event.

On site representation is required for a number of very practical reasons. Discrepancies discovered during the visit and other non routine items require approval from the operator before the MRO can begin a repair. Routine & Non-routine cards must also be verified as properly completed.

Aside from quality of work issues, the representative reports daily any possible cost overruns and closely monitors the check schedule as delays in completion and aircraft release date could negatively affect operational flight schedules. Additionally, the work package maintenance records and associated time tracking of part replacements must be properly packaged and incorporated into the operator's maintenance program.

Major airlines will typically assign their own personnel from within the quality department for this oversight task. However, supplemental staffing requirements caused by early lease returns, internationally outsourced heavy checks or internal staffing shortages caused by reductions in workforce necessitate temporary outsourcing of this oversight requirement to CV. This is also the most cost effective preferred choice of smaller operators & airlines where the infrequency of these HMV's does not justify the hiring of additional permanent staff.

The typical CV Technical Manager assigned to monitor C and D checks will have over 20 years of major airline experience in either Quality Control, Production Control or Maintenance. Our experience encompasses nearly every major operator's Maintenance Task Card, MPD or MRB Program. All technical managers maintain valid passports and are prepare to travel internationally on short notice.

Heavy Check Technical Representation & Advisory Services
AM 1 Author heavy check work scope packages
AM 2 Source & evaluate capable repair stations
AM 3 Negotiate workscope rates, fees and scheduling
AM 4 Total technical documentation & quality oversight of maintenance event


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