Case Studies

Whether engaged for assistance with a complete MRO facility valuation or walking a first time general aviation customer through his first Cessna purchase, we take on every project as if it is our money at risk and our careers on the line.


Below please find a partial listing of actual completed projects.

Mission: Lessor contacted CV on New Years Eve for urgent transport aircraft delivery technical assistance. A lucrative end of year deal had just been signed, but was contingent on having 5 commercial aircraft in storage ready for Export and Lessee's acceptance inspections in less than 1 month. The Lessor stated that an entire years worth of profits could be made if all aircraft successfully delivered on time.
Solution: CV immediately sent a team of inspectors to the aircrafts location. On New Years Day, a CV Vice President and 2 other inspectors began the project. 24 hours later 4 more inspectors arrived and all aircraft successfully delivered on schedule.

Mission: Manufacturer required outside in-depth market analysis of current line of products & related consultancy services.
Solution: CV was able to provide a very detailed analysis of the current market perceptions of the clients products using its extensive industry contacts and internal knowledge. We discovered several issues which were not true but perceived by the market. In turn, the client was able to better market their product and educate the market on the true benefits of their products. We presented our findings in a boardroom environment to senior executive management.

Mission: Aircraft manufacturer contacted CV on Thanksgiving morning for URGENT assistance with Technical Records Audits & Inspections on multiple transport category aircraft.The aircraft technical inspection company they had engaged, WALKED OFF THE JOB, leaving many complex airline lease returns in jeopardy.
Solution: Providing same day service, CV immediately submitted a proposal and assigned multiple inspectors to complete the project. The aircraft was completed on schedule, prior to the Christmas holiday.
With the crisis behind them, the client then ordered 10 more technical audits & inspections on all other imminent airline lease returns, in multiple cities and signed a 2 year contract for CV's services.

Mission: A major financial institution contacted CV, between the Christmas and New Year holidays, regarding several helicopter valuations. The client required maintenance adjusted valuation spreadsheets (Level 1 Valuation) on two helicopters before year-end.
Solution: Using CV's extensive contact database, CV was able to get in touch with several dealers and determine the current market value of such helicopters. The valuation spreadsheets were completed and sent to the client in less than 48 hours, providing the client with the information their required prior to year-end.

Mission: Client requested a rushed last minute certified appraisal, required for a imminent aircraft closing transaction.
Solution: CV was able to ascertain that the client would only require an Aircraft Market Letter (Level 2 Valuation) versus a full blown Extended Desktop Appraisal (Level 4 Valuation) which would have taken 3-5 business days to accomplish. The letter was completed and sent to the client in less than 24 hours, saving the client several thousand dollars in fees and allowing the client to close their transaction with time to spare.

Mission: Airline Bankruptcy - Urgent repossession and redelivery assistance required on 2 transport category aircraft.
Solution: Immediately traveled to asset location. Inventoried and packaged records. Inventoried, tagged and secured owner's other inventory assets located at remote warehouse and prepped for shipment. Further assisted our client by working closely with potential buyer's personnel.

Mission: Certified Financial Appraisals 0n 3 business jets. Reports needed ASAP for loan closing.
Solution: Traveled & inspected all 3 aircraft within 72 hours of engagement. Worked 24/7 to deliver reports within 5 business days of engagement meeting clients deadlines.

Mission: Regional Jet records audit for Asian operator. Aircraft located in USA.
Solution: Inspected aircraft within 5 days of engagement.

Mission: East European Turbine Engine MR&O facility valuation.
Solution: We traveled to facility within 7 days of engagement. Performed an unbiased third party inspection and valuation on 3,000 machine tools and 10,000 lines of aircraft part inventory.

Mission: South American commercial aircraft leassor engaged in litigation with Caribbean operator over unpaid lease.
Solution: We traveled internationally and inspected aircraft. Our unbiased inspection report was used to assist client's position.

Mission: California Turbine engine MR&O facility valuation.
Solution: We performed an unbiased third party valuation on over 400 turbine engines representing 15 unique models. Also developed valuation on parts inventory consisting of over 60,000 line items and 7,000,000 individual parts.

Mission: Boeing 747 certified appraisal. The records are located in USA and the aircraft is parked in a third country.
Solution: We traveled as required internationally and completed inspection and report within 10 days of engagement.

Mission: East coast aircraft parts warehouse facility valuation.
Solution: We performed unbiased third party valuation on over 350,000 unique line items representing over 29,000,000 individual parts.

Mission: Major European bank required financial appraisal of large business class aircraft. The aircraft was located in a third country and loan closing was scheduled for less than 72 hours from our initial contact with client.
Solution: We traveled internationally and arrived at location in less than 9 hours from initial contact with client. The report was delivered to client in less than 48 hours from engagement and the funding closed as scheduled.

Mission: Engaged by Asian corporation for assistance with sourcing the client's first corporate executive rotorcraft.
Solution: Discovered all available rotorcraft in the USA meeting the client's criteria were over priced by an average of $2,000,000. The USA based aircraft brokers were apparently taking advantage of the very high demand for this particular model by gouging prices by over 30%.
We sourced an identical model with far less Total Time from Europe for over $2,000,000 less than those offered in the USA.
Savings to client of over $2,000,000 US Dollars

Mission: State prior year tax audit on 4 transport category aircraft. The aircraft and records are no longer in taxpayers possession.
Solution: We provided unbiased retrospective value opinion letters, covering the challenged time period, that assisted the client's attorney's with their position.

Mission: European airline in process of acquiring transport category aircraft from USA desert storage.
Solution: We were on site within 72 hours, provided client with full records & AD review and inspection of aircraft. Provided ferry flight coordination and assisted with last minute export complications.
Savings to client appx. $8,500 over competitor firms fees.

Mission: Major leasing company required appraisal of aircraft manufacturer's flight testing aircraft to be used as collateral.
Solution: We provided unbiased certified aircraft appraisal. Protected clients interest by working with the FAA to insure the airworthiness status could be upgraded from research & development to standard.
Potential savings to client $400,000.

Mission: Routine bank ordered certified appraisal prior to refinance funding decision.
Solution: We inspected aircraft and developed unbiased certified aircraft appraisal. Discovered applicant over stated value by over $1,500,000.
Savings to client $1,500,000.

Mission: Major insurance company required aircraft diminished value opinion in response to insurance claim on turbine aircraft damage incident.
Solution: We inspected aircraft and developed certified aircraft appraisal with diminished value adjustment. Significantly reduced clients loss.
Savings to client in excess of $100,000.

Mission: A corporate client required routine financial appraisal to obtain third party financing.
Solution: We provided an unbiased certified aircraft appraisal and discovered significant maintenance issues and corrosion that were unknown to both buyer and seller. The acquisition was renegotiated to force the seller to cover needed repairs.
Savings to client in excess of $200,000.

Mission: Routine lease verification inspection on large frame turbine engine.
Solution: We discovered replacement of serialized data plates on the subject engine in an attempt to defraud our client. The actual leased engine had been severely damaged and the operator was attempting an undocumented "in house" repair. Our report was submitted to clients attorney for use in future litigation.
Savings to client appx. $1,200,000.

Mission: Corporate aircraft manufacturer engaged in litigation with foreign owner over unpaid maintenance expenses following major damage incident.
Solution: We provided client with unbiased certified aircraft appraisal which included devaluations for the damage incident.
Many months latter, we learned that 2 other appraisers were engaged for the same project. Our report was within $100 of the final settlement, with the other appraisers findings coming in at $300,000 above and $172,000 below.

Mission: Aircraft damage adjustment following major hurricane in south Florida.
Solution: We were on site within 12 hours following lifting of access restrictions by local authorities. All damage was photographed and documented. In addition valuable avionics were removed and safely stored to prevent looting which was commonplace at this locality. As no structures were left standing, we covered and sealed the aircraft to prevent additional environmental damage. We went on to obtain third party estimates for repair and assisted client with this project until the aircraft was returned to service.
Savings to client in excess of $400,000.

Mission: Routine onsite lease collateral verification inspection on highway construction equipment valued at over $5,000,000.
Solution: We discovered gross misuse and abuse of equipment in violation of lease contract. Client moved promptly to recover losses and enforce lease contract terms.

Mission: A foreign government suspected a top procurement officer of "overpaying" on several recent aircraft acquisitions.
Solution: We provided unbiased value opinions on the type aircraft in question, which supported the government's case against the official.

Mission: A corporate client faced a prior year IRS audit in which reported aircraft transaction values and holdings were challenged.
Solution: We provided unbiased certified appraisal with retrospective value, covering the challenged time period, that assisted the client's accountants with their position.

Mission: Routine bank ordered aircraft appraisal, prior to funding decision.
Solution: We discovered log book discrepancies amounting to over 1,200 hours of additional aircraft total time. The transaction proceeded after a renegotiated sales price.
Savings to client appx. $80,000.

Mission: An active duty, US Military jet, on loan to an aviation museum was damaged while on static display.
Solution: We provided damage & repair estimates and located rare replacement parts for the insurance company. Quickly and economically reduced the company's liability.
Reduced clients liability by appx. $650,000.

Mission: Major bank in early stages of repossessing aircraft from remote location. Solution: We were on site within 48 hours, duplicated all aircraft records, photographed and documented condition of aircraft for use in future litigation.

Mission: Legendary pilot nearing retirement, desired to donate his signature aircraft to national museum.
Solution: We inspected aircraft and provided unbiased certified appraisal. The aircraft is displayed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.



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