Commercial Aircraft Lease Management

We presently serve as Lease Manager for multiple commercial aircraft on lease in North and South America. This experience allows our team to effectively advise our Lessor and Investment Group clients on the proper cost management strategies to meet the terms of the lease.

The core business of Collateral Verifications is in providing unbiased appraisal, audit, advisory and inspection services. As certified aircraft appraisers, we have written the book on aircraft values and our role as industry advisers has allowed our company to establish many unique relationships at the highest levels of the aviation industry.

Whether engaged for single aircraft or fleet management projects, the full knowledge base of CV is brought to task. This includes valuation services by our ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser and the full resources of our global technical services department.

Commercial Aircraft Lease Management programs are custom developed for specific type of lease (Operating/Finance), lease terms, aircraft type, aircraft locations and other specific requirements of the client.

Lease management services will usually include:

Prior to Lease and Letter of Intent Stage
Aircraft Valuation and Market Lease Rate Analysis. Assist with negotiating term sheet, contracts, maintenance reserve rates, AD shared cost formulas, delivery and return conditions, operating and maintenance covenants.

Lease Acceptance
Full Technical Inspection and Audit
Maintenance Program Bridging Assistance
Technical Acceptance of Aircraft

During Lease
1.0 Advisory Services – Performed as required throughout the term
1.01 Continuous monitoring and review of Lease Agreement obligations
1.02 Automated invoice generation (If Required)
1.03 Maintenance reserve invoicing (If Required)
1.04 Rental payment tracking
1.05 Maintenance Reserve payment tracking
1.06 Manage, evaluate and approve Maintenance Reserve claims and draw downs
1.07 Full analysis of AD, ASB, AWLS, CPCP, SIP and aging aircraft requirements
1.08 Maintenance program in use assessments
1.09 Review each lease document to confirm that the aircraft and records are operated and maintained in compliance with the lease agreement
1.10 Continuous monitoring of aircraft value trends
1.11 Evaluation of any lease extension request as required
1.12 Continuous monitoring and development of redeployment/disposal strategies
1.13 Proactively identify opportunities well before the lease expires to choose the best redeployment solution, whether it is extending an existing lease, releasing in its existing configuration or sale.
1.14 Sub-Lease request and agreement reviews
1.15 Modification and STC reviews and approvals
1.16 PMA parts use request reviews and approvals

2.0 Technical Management Services – Performed Monthly
2.01 Receive, evaluate & monitor Lessee submitted “Monthly Status Reports” concerning the location, use, maintenance and operation of the aircraft.
2.02 Calculate and invoice Supplemental Rents for Maintenance Reserves
2.03 Monitor Lessee Performance of Technical overviews, Configurations, Maintenance condition, Maintenance program in use, Records keeping and AD/SB compliance

3.0 Monthly Reports
Submit reports and analysis to Lessor/Owner that provide detailed information on:
3.04 Monthly utilization tracking reports generated for invoicing
3.05 Inspection planning
3.06 Forecast modules, future maintenance, and condition and reserve cash flows
3.07 Provide Specifications summaries as required
3.08 Maintenance status report based on monthly technical updates
3.09 Confirm that the aircraft is utilized and operated in compliance with the lease

4.0 Semi-Annual Management Services
4.1 Fleet Technical Status Report, Develop and submit aircraft utilization reports covering all managed aircraft
4.2 Review & develop Crisis plans and management guidelines for events of total loss and Repossessions

5.0 Annual - Other included Services
5.1 Annual Lease Technical Inspection - A Physical Inspection Audit to verify Lessee’s compliance with maintenance program and with terms of lease agreement. Review condition and revision status of required reports, manuals and certificates. Also includes various status and utilization reports as well as photography of aircraft and a physical inspection of the aircraft. All travel cost are included in fee.

5.2 ISTAT Certified Aircraft Appraisal performed by our in house ISTAT certified Senior Appraiser.

5.3 Annual Maintenance Reserve Rate Escalations - We calculate all periodic increases of Supplemental Rent for Maintenance Reserve using our proprietary database of maintenance and LLP cost.

6.0 End of Lease and Redelivery
All service fees are significantly discounted and many onsite technical man days are included based on the length of the lease and our management agreement.

With a sizable aircraft inspection technical staff, we have the resources and capabilities to provide reliable and prompt services globally. All field audits, inspections and other technical services are completely managed under strict quality control procedures. Multiple personnel review all field reports on a line item basis prior to submission to the client.
Lessee compliance with the terms of the lease are closely monitored. The Continuing Airworthiness Management status of all aircraft in the fleet are monitored in real time and periodic physical inspections and audits cost are included in the management plan.

To receive a no obligation proposal for services, please contact:

Mark Peterman
Vice President, Lease Management and Technical Services
1.888.800.0030 Ext 703 Toll Free USA
+1 305.908.8695 Ext 703 International
1.407.758.7130 Direct

1.888.800.0030 USA Toll Free
+1 305.908.8695 International USA
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